Good for the Environment,
Good for Business

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of an Asian economy and are important if the planet’s climate goals are going to be met and net zero is achieved by 2050. Although the majority of SMEs believe that sustainability is key to business growth, they struggle to adopt sustainability for a number of reasons.

bancoX is a one-stop platform designed for SMEs to obtain industry best practices, source verified new and used green equipment and explore finance options to support their sustainability journey.


Important tips and practical steps on how to implement sustainability in their companies from industry partners; from calculating their carbon emissions to industry best practices


Sourcing and comparing bancoX-approved green products listed on the marketplace. From solar power installation to more efficient and green equipment


Explore different financing options to support your sustainability journey


Optimizing use of the equipment through its lifespan with BancoX marketplace for used equipment. Promoting sustainable recycling when the asset reaches the end of use.

Our Products


Work with established solar partners to provide green-conscious businesses with an easy and transparent way to get the best deal in the market


Listed brand new and used equipment and and suppliers are vetted by our team, to ensure that you have the best selection of green equipment suitable for your business

Carbon Exchange

Connect companies willing to offset their carbon emissions to a large number of verified environmental projects

SME Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculate your organisation’s emissions - for small and medium-sized businesses.

In order to calculate the organisation’s footprint, you will need the following information for your chosen reporting year:

  • Fuel consumption - Fuel consumed by the organisation in its sites and owned vehicles. This can be natural gas, diesel or LPG. You may find this information in bills, fuel card data or meters
  • Energy consumption - Electricity used in your sites. You may find this information through meter readings, utility bills, or automatic meter readings
  • Top ups made to air conditioning units - Many refrigeration, fire protection and air conditioning equipment contain a type of F gas (Fluorinated greenhouse gas), which has a large carbon footprint. Please include the type and quantity of top up that has been done during the reporting year. You can find this information in the service sheets provided by your air conditioning or refrigeration contractor

It is important that the reported data covers the chosen 12 months of data. If you don’t have data exactly for the whole year, you should estimate the consumption using the average energy or fuel consumed per month. Please note that there can be seasonal changes in energy demand due to production levels, need for heating / cooling and use and replacement of equipment.